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McKentosh Spocc offers Self-paced online college courses for personal growth or to consider a future career. Reduce the high cost of college and take McKentosh’s online, low-cost, Self-paced higher education courses and earn college credits.

Affordable and convenient Higher education courses.


Private Equity and Finance

TesPrep for high school students to help prepare for the SAT & ACT

iQLabz provides learning methodology, SAT & ACT  test,  Reviews, study materials & exam style practice test to help prepare & take the SAT and the ACT.


Real Estate Development

Testprep for SAT, ACT & PSAT to help prepare for college entrance

iQLabz Practice style test to help prepare for the SAT & ACT.


Consumer goods

SAT & ACT subject review for students to help study for the SAT & ACT

Review of basic subjects to help students with college entrance test exam and reviews of basic basic sciences.



SAT, ACT & PSAT Testprep, teachers and educators resources

Students can study with practice style test, & have full access to contents and resource information, online application  to help prepare for the SAT, ACT and the PSAT.


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